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TE Instruments robotic X-Y-Z liquids sampler lives up to its expectations
TE Instruments is proud to introduce our robotic liquids auto sampler, ARCHIE. Unlike previous generation liquids samplers, the ARCHIE uses a 100 μL syringe to inject the sample with utmost precision into a vertical
liquids, or boat introduction module at controlled speed, forming a perfect match with the XPLORER analyzer.

Truly a unique concept

The ARCHIE automatically picks up sample from the assigned vial position and delivers it to the introduction module. In between samples, it washes the syringe and needle, utilizing a special dual wash & drain station
tray, mounted beside the sample tray. Next it picks up sample from the assigned sample vial to pre-rinse the syringe with the sample at hand.

Even before you observe which steps it performs, it already starts to inject the sample into the introduction module. Just a few minutes later the first result appears on your screen and the sampler picks up the replicate or next sample. The sampler is set up to work with all standard 2 mL vials on one or two vial trays of 105 positions each. Both vial trays can be equipped as temperature controlled vialt ray (heating as well as cooling for each tray).
An audible signal, LED (RGB) color code and messages in TEIS (software) will indicate the sampler status and performance parameters.
Recognizes an empty vial position
Dual wash position
Viscosity delay
Programmable solvent plug
Draw & Injection speed 0.1 - 300 μL/s
105 or 210 positions
Autodilution, creation of standards
Small bench space
Improved RSD’s
Enhanced detection limit
No need for external syringe pump, no valves
Easy to use and maintain
Modular design
Easy calibration. Push into position and confirm!
Compared to indirect injection technique:
- Shorter injection time, faster analysis
- Less use of wash solution
- Less production of organic waste
- Increased up-time of H2SO4 scrubber
- Reduction in H2SO4 waste
  Increased productivity Zero memory effect
  Accurate sample pick-up and delivery High accuracy even with low volumes
  Broad range of liquid samples High productivity
  Time saving, reduced errors Hardly takes up extra space
  Higher accuracy Broadens application range
  Perfect budget match Reduced down time
  Future proof Extremely user friendly
  Archie System Specifications  
  Dimensions (W x H x D) 55 x 60 x 36 cm (21.7 x 23.6 x 14.2 inch)
  ARCHIE and XPLORER Extra width is 20 cm (7.9 inch)
  Weight 10.6 - 15.7 kg (23.4 - 34.6 lbs)
  Voltage 100 - 240 V, 50 -60 Hz (Switching power supply, 36 Vdc)
  Power requirement (max) 120 W
  Software control TEIS Software
  Ambient temperature 5 - 35 °C (41 - 95 °F)
  Connection protocols RS232, USB 2.0 or higher