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Lab Solutions SENNALYZER assay analysis of Senna Glycosides Calcium salt 60%. The equipment is designed specifically for continuous automated chemical analysis and detection using gas segmentation. Samples are taken by means of an autosampler and peristaltic pump (which concurrently pulls the diluent reagent, SDS ( Sodium Dodecyl sulphate) in borate solution). The sample is diluted with the diluent reagent and nitrogen is added to segment the individual samples/standards using bubble formation. Coils in the chemistry base also perform mixing and there are two heating coils which assist in the reaction of the diluted sample with the reducing agent(Sodium dithionate). The reaction products are then passed to a fluorimetric detector which measures the amount of reaction product by excitation at a specific wavelength followed by detection at a fixed emission wavelength. The peak height (adjusted for the baseline) is proportionalto the concentration of the analyte in the sample.

Key features

  • Fast Analysis- 30 per hour throughput via a sample changer with up to 360 positions.
  • Minimises the exposure of the light sensitive Senna Glycosides samples to UV
  • Simple and efficient peristaltic pump that can deliver smooth and precise volumes while keeping wear to a minimum.
  • Selective and optimal Detection via a specific flow through Fluorescence Detection at an excitation wavelength at 392nm and emission wavelength.


Performance Requirements:

The following validation characteristics must be proven as part of factory acceptance testing.

URS 3.2.1 Linearity

In the specified range with 5 different concentrations

1 - Correlation coefficient r≥ 0.998

2 - Residual standard deviation ≤2.0% (relative to the calculated y-value of the declared assay).
URS 3.2.2 Repeatability
Determination of one sample (n=6)
Srel ≤2.0%
URS 3.2.3 Drift
Calculated for each bracket ≤1.5%