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Total Nitrogen at Trace Level (‹1ppm) in Volatile Liquid Samples
Analysing trace level nitrogen in volatile liquid samples is often seen as a challenging application. The physical properties of these samples, including low boiling components which tend to evaporate quickly, may create a matrix effect during sample introduction.


Tier III: Measure Sulfur with the best repeatability available!
Regulations regarding the maximum amount of Sulfur in fuels are getting more stringent: Tier III describes a maximum concentration of 10 ppm Sulfur. Best repeatability and lowest uncertainty in measuring such low sulfur concentrations is becoming a necessity.

Events where TE Instruments will be represented
EUROLAB (Poland) April 12
Inpalme Medan (Indonesia) April 20
Analytica (Munchen) May 10

Introducing the XPLORER
For measuring Total Sulphur, Total Nitrogen, Total Halogens AOX, TOX, POX, EOX
One single Analyzer for liquids, solids, LPG and gas matrices.
Instruments comply to ASTM, ISO International Standards


Introducing New Features for Smart Photometer (iDip)
The creators of some of the most innovative water quality testing solutions, US based Industrial Test Systems, Inc. (ITS), have added automatic calculations to their smart device application. Calculations for Langlier Saturation Index (LSI) and Magnesium Hardness have been added.


New Superior Flow Analysis Software
Lab Solutions (UK) presents FlowView, the new industry standard in flow analysis software from
O-I Analytical. FlowView aims to continue with WinFlow’s commitment to user control whilst improving upon the performance and functionality of the previous program. Handy features such as calibration by peak height or area and configurable pre-run/post-run pump programming, allow the user the optimum level of customization and therefore, a broader range of applications.

Lab Solutions - TE Instruments + Vehicle Emission and Fuel Standards
The Tier 3 program is part of a comprehensive approach to reducing the impacts of motor vehicles on air quality and public health. The program considers the vehicle and its fuel as an integrated system, setting new vehicle emissions standards and lowering the sulfur content of gasoline beginning in 2017 - Take a look at the TE Elemental Archie

Registration Opens for PEFTEC - Lab Solutions / TE Elemental
The Analytical Petroleum, Chemical and Oil Conference and Exhibition -
As momentum builds in the run-up to PEFTEC 2015 (18th-19th November),
visitors are now able to register for free at

Calibration Standards, Provider Strengths Global Distribution and Strategic Partnerships
Since early 2014, starting from activities in The Netherlands, Houston based DCG Partnership (USA) has expanded the global distribution network significantly with over 40 distribution partners,

Spot On Results for Ultra-low (Bio)Diesel Applications according to ASTM D 5453
Sulphur dioxide is a chemical compound that occurs in various industrial processes. Refinery products often contain sulfur compounds and their combustion causes sulphur dioxide (SO2), which is harmful to the environment.

NEW: Find Your Analyser According to International Regulations
The internet has become a vast resource of information for business people as they discover the advantages of getting online: the ease of use and the most effective way of bringing product information to customers and distributors.

Android App Now Available for SAM-1™
Sensorex’s SAM-1™ Smart Aqua Meter is now globally compatible with Android devices. Already popular with Apple iPhone and iPad users for laboratory and field monitoring, the SAM-1 measures and records pH, ORP, Conductivity and temperature values.

Tier III Gasoline Regulations on the Horizon
On February 19, 2015, the EPA published Tier 3 Annex VI Implementation; Direct Final Rule. This codifies the deadlines and procedure for verifying compliance with the new gasoline and marine fuel requirements. It is now official that the new analytical procedures for Tier 3 gasoline must be in place by January 1, 2016.

New Auto sampler for Thermo 3000-series - TE Instruments -
UPGRADE YOUR 3000 SERIES COMBUSTION ANALYZER WITH THE ARCHIE AUTO SAMPLER! Broken ELS 3000 or NeXYZ auto sampler? Tired of spending your budget on repairs? Trace Elemental Instruments has developed a powerful upgrade for your legacy TN/TS 3000 series combustion analyzer, the advanced ARCHIE liquids auto sampler.

25 Years of Confident Compliance, Custom Products and
Comprehensive Solutions

Celebrating 25 years of high quality service and products, Houston based DCG Partnership offer the services of an ISO 17025 and ISO Guide 34 certified laboratory ensuring their dedication to quality assurance in industry practices and standards.

New Gas Bag Sampling System to Meet with Increasing Demand
for Low Pressure Sample Applications

Analytical laboratories show an increasing demand for Gas matrix samples. TE Instruments (the Netherlands) launches the GBS, Gas Bag Sampling system, to complete the Gas/LPG sampling range together with the GLS (Gas LPG Sampling system).

The Foundation of Another Successful Year at TE Instruments
In the last week of January, TE Instruments (the Netherlands) organised a Global Distributor Event. Distribution partners from all over the world came to our company in Delft, the Netherlands. During this week they enjoyed presentations, training and hands-on activities.

The SAM-1TM Smart Aqua Meter from Sensorex®
The SAM-1TM Smart Aqua Meter turns your smartphone or tablet into a powerful and convenient pH, ORP or conductivity and temperature meter

The new eXact iDip® Photmeter - Smart digital water testing
The exciting new eXact iDip® by ITS, Inc. harnesses the power of smart devices and the simplicity of design to handle the heavy lifting of complex water testing.

A New Approach to Determination of Available and Total Cyanide
by Segmented Flow Analysis for the UK

Extensive literature research highlighted a United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) approved method that employed a distillation free total cyanide method based on segmented flow, on-line UV digestion, gas diffusion and Amperometric detection.

New UK Distributor Launches at WWEM 2014
Based in Hertfordshire, the newly formed Lab Solutions are ideally located to offer a range of services to the environmental analysis market in both the UK and Ireland.

Next generation Cyanide Analysers from US company OI Analytical will be exhibited by St. Albans based Lab Solutions Ltd. (UK)
Systems for both in-line monitoring and the laboratory will be on display. For laboratory based work, the new 3700 system uses gas diffusion combined with amperometric detection to determine both total and available cyanide without the need for a 2-hour acid distillation step.

New UK Distributor Announced for Automated Chemistry Analyser
OI Analytical (UK) has appointed Lab Solutions (previously Anaserv Ltd) as sole distributor
for the company’s Automated Chemistry Analyser (ACA) line in both the UK and Eire.


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