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Easychem Plus
NEW! Available for SEA WATER analysis

The EasyChem Plus discrete analyzer meets the demands of the changing marketplace, without compromising performance. EasyChem Plus is a flexible instrument able to perform several different tests all on the same sample, without operator intervention.

EasyChem Plus requires no specific experience to operate, and can be learned by anyone in a matter of minutes. Operation consists of simply loading the sample tray, selecting the tests to be performed, and “clicking” start. It’s that simple! Labor costs are greatly reduced and productivity increased, by enabling the technician to perform other tasks.

EasyChem Plus does all the work. No longer is there any variation in results based on who the operator is, or what kind of day they may be having. EasyChem Plus performs up to 120 tests per hour of true unattended operation, with the highest possible data quality, regardless who “clicks” start.

EasyChem’s sleek design, ease of use, user friendly software, and price, makes it attractive to most laboratories that perform automated or manual wet chemistry.


  EasyChem Plus Discrete Analyzer, including:
  60 sample tray capability including blanks, standards and controls
  Up to 18 reagents in a temperature controlled tray
  96 reaction cuvettes temperature controlled
  Colorimeter with a computer controlled filter wheel, for automatic wavelength selection
  Standard flow cell 10 mm, 20 mm or 50 mm pathlength (sea water version)
  Auto Pre run sample dilution
  Auto sample dilution for off scale samples
  On line QC and QC database including QC chart
  Throughput: 60 test for hour
  Cd coil reduction option for Nitrate

  Features and benefits
  Easy to use; no specific experience or attitude is required
  Run flexibility; individual parameters list can be selected for each samples
  Low reagent consumption; only a few microliters of reagent for sample
  Low running costs; nearly no consumables, low reagent and disposable costs
  No hydraulics problems; computer batch controlled analyzer, no reagents or sample continuously pumped in a manifold, no breaks of air or gas bubbles, noise etc.
  Software EASY to use and to learn; short training, no waste of time to create specific hydraulics background

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