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WWEM, The 9th in the Series of Water and Wastewater Monitoring events will be held in May 2021

  Do you have Covid-19?

We can tell you in 15 mins!

We’ve developed a super rapid Covid-19 Antigen Test with mobile diagnostics to stop the pandemic spreading...

» Rapid covid-19 antigen test

» Results in 15 minutes (using mobile app)

» High viral load Sensitivity


  Product Benefits


» The test is principally used to find people who are contagious - have a high viral load of Covid-19

» Self-contained and simple to administer and can be done in non lab condition

» Can be done quickly - results in 15 minutes

» High viral load Sensitivity

» Easy to determine if test is positive or negative

» Results data can be used for track and trace

» Can be stored at room temperature (easier for live events)

» Is proven by UK Govt regulatory procedures - MRHA approved / CE marked -

» Scaleable volumes - can handle large orders and large scale demand

  How it works?  
  Our rapid antigen test is easy to administer and does not require a medical professional. It takes 2 mins to do and the results are easy to interpret and very quick (15 mins).

Innovative sample collector

That speeds up test analysis and simplifies reading of results

» Place the swab in the tube, swirl n squeeze

» No extra steps to dilute the sample further

» Add 3 drops to the cassette

» No added buffers


  Where our tests can be used?

We can see our tests being used in many situations to help stop the spread of
Covid-19 and get people safely back to work,

Schools, sports, music events, airlines, conferences, weddings, etc..

» No need for laboratories just a Medical Professional

» As long as people in a venue are tested for Covid-19 then everyone is safe

» We can’t rely on social distancing, hand washing and PPE in mass people gatherings


We have also sourced a state of the art mobile diagnostic tool

That speeds up test analysis and simplifies reading of results

» iStoc technology is specific to our lateral flow assay test

» Gives instant results displayed on the device via an app

» From sourcing to point of care


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  Further Information

We realise that this is a new concept and is quite complex (scientific).
Therefore, we have created an easy-to-use ‘Resource Centre’ to help you get the detail you need via blogs, pdf’s and webpages on the site.

Please call or email our team if you have a specific request not covered below. We will be happy to help.




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