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A new fully automated, stand-alone AOX/TOX column sample prep system

easily keeps up with your demand. Now, 12 samples or 24 columns are ready within 45 minutes for analysis on the //XPLORER system.
Just place them in the quartz cup of the NEWTON 20 auto sampler and press start. It is that easy!

Simple & Robust

The new XPREP A6 and A12 have the ability to automatically run 100 ml samples over the AOX/TOX columns at controlled sample flow of 3 ml/min.

Once the water sample has passed the columns it automatically starts a wash cycle,
which removes the inorganic load from the activated carbon surface.

The surplus water and wash solution are collected in a central reservoir, which can be
connected to a continuous drainage system or simply emptied when it is full.

The XPREP A12 version has 2 peristaltic pumps. Those pumps are equipped with 6
channels each and are individually controllable in speed, torque and therefore pressure.

Principle of operation
100 ml Sample is drawn from the sample bottle using a 100 ml syringe. The syringe is placed on the XPREP A6 or XPREP A12 at the assigned number.
After starting the instrument, the peristaltic pump draws the sample liquid by vacuum from the syringe and pushes it over the AOX columns at a rate of 3 ml/min. Once all samples have passed the columns, the valve switches and the pump pushes 25 ml wash solutions over the columns. This removes the inorganic load from the activated carbon.
Two basic models with configuration options

There are 2 basic models to choose from. The XPREP A12 comes with 2 pumps and the XPREP A6 comes as a single pump configuration.

The A12 version supports 12 sample containers and column positions and the A6 offers space for 6 positions. In those configurations, they run 12 or 6 paired columns in full automatic mode, simultaneously.

Software controlled

Embedded software controls the XPREP A-series. Each individual pump can be set differently. There is a possibility to create a sample list, just to memorize which sample is allocated to which sample.

  Features & Benefits  
  Fully automated Less error prone
  Up to 12 channels Highly productive
  Syringe sampling No contamination, reliable
  2 individual pumps Close to zero down time
  Automatic rinse Zero carry over
  Software controlled Excellent repeatability
  Default methods & norms DIN, ISO, EPA, etc, ease of use
  Custom methods Define and store. Run it your way.......
  Small footprint Free up space
  Sample list export option No Mix up


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