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Innovative – Testing your well water has never been so easy with Well eXact EZ


Total Alkalinity
Total Hardness High

  Well eXact® EZ Photometer

Test your well water the safe and easy way with the Well eXact® EZ. You will be amazed at how effortless it is to achieve lab-quality, accurate results within seconds!

The Well eXact® EZ tests 5 important water quality parameters and uses our patented eXact Strips, a quick and easy reagent system for analysis. Simply dip an eXact Strip into the water sample for 20 seconds using a gentle back and forth motion, discard the strip, and read the results instantaneously.



Standard Carrying Case (Only)

Part No. 486111

Standard navy blue plastic carrying case with foam for eXact iDip® and EZ; Ideal for storage contents
of each eXact iDip® refill kit. Holds 6 strip bottles and 1 liquid bottle. - Our Price Including VAT £71.99

  Parameter/Test Part No. Range (ppm) Best Accuracy %
  pH-II) 486639-II 6.4 - 8.4 pH -
  Iron 486650 0.03 - 8.0 8
  Nitrate 486655 0.25 - 32 15
  Total Alkalinity 486641 10 - 200 10
  Total Hardness High 486656 60 - 600 12


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